Applications are due January 31, 2017!

HS STudents applicationMS families application

When is the trip?

June 10-17, 2017

Who is the trip for?

We are taking two teams: a team of high school students and a team of middle school families.  The two teams will train and prepare together, and heading to the same location together.  The high school team will be made of high school students (currently in high school at time of application) and adult leaders.  The middle school team will be made of middle school students (currently in middle school at time of application) and at least one parent.

Where are you going?

Our teams will be preparing to head to Mexico City, Mexico.  Last year we took a youth family team to Mexico City and worked with a church there and a church in Texcoco (a city outside Mexico City).  During that trip we spent half the week in one location and the other half in the other location.  This year, we will be flying together to Mexico City, but one team will be working in Mexico City and the other will be working in Texcoco.

What is the cost?

The cost is approximately $1700 per person.  That cost covers everything needed for the mission trip EXCEPT the passport.  The cost covers airfare, transportation, hotel, food, and ministry supplies for the week.  

How can we pay for the trip?

You can pay for the trip out of pocket if you’d like, but here at McKinney we love to raise support.  We believe that going on mission is something that God has called us to do.  Unfortunately though, not everyone can be go’ers, not everyone can go out into the mission field, but we all have the ability to be senders, to help send people into the mission field.  When we raise support we have the ability to build mission partners who support us both prayerfully and financially through the trip.  

What will you be doing?

Great question!! Our overall goal is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the Mexican people in the area! How that looks will change upon the location and the needs of our mission partners.   One thing that we DO hope to do is to have an eyeglass clinic where we will help people get the vision that they need, and it’s a great opportunity to help the blind see both literally and spiritually!

Who will be leading this trip?

Jack Grimes, our Middle School Pastor, and Jose Luis, our Iglesia McKinney Pastor, will be leading the trips! 

What else is required of the trip?

A big part of our mission trip process is our mission team trainings.  The success and impact of the team is highly dependent on the trainings leading up to the trip.  On our application there are dates for training.  Our application is also really important for us.  We want to know a little bit about the people that would be a part of this awesome team! 

When is the team decided?

We decided on the team in the month of February.  We do have limited spots and so when applications are completed by January 31st our team will interview applicants and decide the members of our mission team!