The heart behind SERVOLUTION is to show our neighbors and our city that we care, and to demonstrate God’s love in very practical ways.  Over the years, serving our neighbors has helped to open countless doors for McKinney folks to be able to share more about God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus. PLUS serving together is a powerful community-building exercise for your group or class!

This Fall, we have 3 great opportunities to serve (and to serve with) some of our Fort Worth neighbors.  Here are the options…

1. OVERTON PARK SPRUCE-UP - Saturday, October 15 (9-11am)

We have been asked by our nearby neighborhood HOAs to join them for a huge spruce-up effort of the parks in the Overton Park / Foster Park area.  We’ll be pulling privet, pruning tree suckers, cleaning up the creek, and more.  Afterwards we’ll gather as neighbors to enjoy some hotdogs and cokes together.  This is an especially great opportunity for any McKinney members who live in these neighborhoods!

2. SOUTH HILLS ES FALL FESTIVAL - Sunday, October 30 (4-6pm)
3. WESTCLIFF ES FALL FESTIVAL - Friday, November 4 (6-9pm)

We are continuing to invest with our local elementary school partners by supporting their annual Fall Festivals.  We provide game-booths for the students and their families to enjoy. These can be target games, fishing games, etc, that use props or use pickup beds and trunks (“Trunk-Or-Treat” style). These are great serving opportunities for families with small children.

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