March 24, 2018 | 8:30AM-11:30AM

The heart behind SERVOLUTION is to show our neighbors and our city that we care, and to demonstrate God’s love in very practical ways.  Over the years, serving our neighbors has helped to open countless doors for McKinney folks to be able to share more about God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus. PLUS serving together is a powerful community-building exercise for your group or class!

This Spring we are again going to join in with the Cowtown Cleanup.  Each year Fort Worth gathers several thousand people to help clean up some areas of the city. Cleaning up something shows that you care about it.  And if you haven’t noticed t,here are some areas in our communities and around Fort Worth that accumulate quite a lot of trash!  We think this is a great way for McKinney Church to show the city of Fort Worth that we care and God cares about our city.  

There are other upsides to this particular event as well.

Joining the Cowtown Cleanup will give us a great chance to serve next to other people who care about the city.  Some of these likely won't be part of any faith community.

Additionally, since this event is sponsored by the city and not the church, it is also a tremendous opportunity for us to invite our neighbors and friends and co-workers to join with us, to get to spend some time with people who might not otherwise be inclined to visit a church service but would be very open to volunteering in our community.

And of course the upside for our Community Groups and ABFs is that serving together forges deeper relationships within the group, even as the Lord uses us to make a difference in the lives of those in our community.

It is possible that your group might know of another opportunity for service that you could do around the time of Servolution but it wouldn't have to be on the exact day or at the exact time.  Our broader vision is to see individuals and families and groups engaging our world, and Servolution is just a means to help facilitate that for folks at McKinney.  It is not the end.

If you have a conflict or have some other idea about how to serve in connection with this Servolution, please let us know.


- Sign up using the link above.
- Block out March 24 on your calendar. The Cleanup is scheduled to run from 8.30am-11.30am.
- We will follow up with you to let you know details about the exact location where you will be serving.
- Don’t forget to invite friends or neighbors or coworkers to join in Servolution with you. They can sign up at this site as well.
- Then plan to show up at your assigned location at 8.30am on March 24.


Ideally, yes, but there should be plenty of hands at each location so if you need to leave early that shouldn't be a problem.


DEFINITELY.  Please plan to bring younger children.  You will of course want to keep an eye on them, but our desire is for whole families and community groups to serve together.   While it may be less efficient as it relates to the project itself, more important than efficiency is for families and groups to do life and engage our world together.  Please bring your whole family or group and experience the blessing of "getting a little messy" together.


The Cleanup organizers are supplying t-shirts, trash bags and gloves.  You should be able to pick those up at the church the week of March 18.  Be sure also to bring water with you on the day itself, and don't forget your sunscreen.

Sign up here