What is IMMERSE?

IMMERSE is an 8-week experience in which we will invite you to read and discuss the New Testament in community.  We have some great tools to make this easier than you might imagine!  

You will get a uniquely readable version of the New Testament called IMMERSE: Messiah. It has all the chapter and verse numbers removed so that it reads more like a book (as it was originally written). PLUS you can access an audio version at ImmerseBible.com/messiah so that you can listen during your car-pool, your commute, or while you exercise!  

You should begin reading the week of January 28.  

Why are we doing IMMERSE?

The overwhelming majority of people in the US have never read through the New Testament, and that includes many Christians! Whether this would be your 1st time or your 101st time, we invite you to join us for this powerful spiritual experience.  And when done in community it can have an even greater impact on each of us.  ​

We believe in this so much, we’re willing to split the cost to make it accessible for everyone. We’re asking for a $5 donation per book which will get you everything you need.

How can you participate in IMMERSE?

HOST a Book Club: People that you know may be ready for this experience, so invite some neighbors and friends and host an 8-week book club in your home!  

Click HERE to Host a Book Club!

JOIN a Book Club:  If you don't have a few neighbors who are ready to do this, then you can join with others here at McKinney.  Community Groups are doing IMMERSE together, and we'll also be starting some 8-week Book Clubs just for this series.  

Click HERE to Join a Book Club!

On your own:  If joining a group just can't work right now, you can pick up a copy of the book in the lobby on Sundays. Then you can do IMMERSE with your spouse or a friend or even on your own.

When does IMMERSE begin?

We will all begin the IMMERSE Reading Plan the week of January 28.
Book Club discussions will begin the week of February 4.