As you might expect, we are continuing to seek ways the McKinney Family can respond to the crisis in South Texas. We’ve been in contact with city officials here in Fort Worth as many evacuees are making their way here, as well as with people organizing efforts on the ground in Houston. Here is what we know right now:

 Immediate Needs: Both those groups have indicated that, unless you are a First Responder, their immediate need is not volunteers. Well-meaning volunteers who simply “show up” on location to help or with materials to donate often create administrative challenges that hinder efforts rather than helping. For now, the immediate need is financial.

If you are looking for a place to donate financially, we recommend the following organizations:

If you are looking to donate food for evacuees, your best current option is North Texas Food Bank. This link is to a page the City of Fort Worth is planning to update if other specific needs come up.

Longer-term needs: As the flood waters recede and the news-cycle changes, the needs will change from rescue and resources to rebuilding. We have already reached out to partner churches in the Houston area, and are ready to mobilize in whatever ways they need us in the weeks and months ahead. If you have a particular skill or interest in serving on a team and would like more information as opportunities come available in the weeks and months ahead, please email Chris Lipp ( That will allow us to say an immediate “yes” when we hear of specific needs we believe the McKinney Family can mobilize around. 

Prayer: One thing all of us can do is pray.  We serve a God who is bigger than the storms life brings, both figuratively and literally.  Let’s join together in praying that the Lord would provide for the needs of those affected.  Let’s also remember that He has placed us here to be His hands and feet to those in need.  As you pray, ask God what He wants your response to be. 

It’s times like these that allow a church like McKinney to put our “Love Where We Live” money and muscle where our mouth has been. Let’s do it wisely and generously.