EQUIP-U is essential training to prepare you to live a Christ-centered life...

EQUIP-U courses will last 6-9 weeks and meet on Sunday mornings. Come and learn in an environment where discussion is encouraged and relationships will form.

EQUIP-U is for everyone! These classes are based on the essentials of the Bible which are necessary for believers to grasp and live by. As a result, whether a person is actively involved or is new to McKinney and not yet connected anywhere, there will be something for you to learn!

Financial Peace University

Sundays | 10/7 – 11/25 | 10:30 am | Room 200 | $93 (Scholarships are available)

Finances are a constant source of dread and anxiety for many of us, this course is Dave Ramsey's most popular financial course that will equip participants to evaluate their own finances and establish Biblical principles for the way they view their check book so that they can spend, save, and give in a way that honors the Lord!


The Win-Win Approach to Parenting

Sundays | 10/7 – 11/11 | 9:00 am | Room H101

If you want to raise kids who are self-confident, motivated, and ready for the real world, take advantage of the win-win approach to parenting.  Your kids will win because they’ll learn responsibility and the logic of life by solving their own problems.   And you’ll win because you’ll establish healthy control-without resorting to anger, threats, nagging or exhausting power struggles.

For more info, contact Nita; nminshew@mckinneychurch.com


Xplore Study

Sundays, | 10/7 – 11/11 | 10:30 am | Room 205

Xplore is a 7-week study developed to help all of us to discover God’s Word, God’s World, and God’s Work.  As we do so we discover God’s heart for the nations and His call for each of us to live on mission.  This study will allow you to have a better idea about missions in God’s Word and the continued need and our role today.


Class Commitments

Space is limited in our classes, so please sign up soon to reserve your spot. We ask all participants for the following:

  • Attend the first week of the class.
  • Be able to attend the majority of the 6 weeks.
  • Come ready to listen, but also discuss with those around you.

Each class may have additional requirements for participation, such as reading or other activities. Participants will receive materials such as handouts, worksheets, books, etc. The fees cover the cost of these materials as well as reserves your spot.

Adult Bible Fellowships

In our ABFs we focus on discussing God's truth while building relationships with one another. We offer ABFs during both service hours and there is an ABF for virtually every life stage. Feel free to visit several. Please stop by the Welcome Center Sunday morning for directions and room numbers. For more information, check out the link below!

Adult Bible fellowships